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Monday, October 17, 2011

Updates from the Underworld.....WITH STANLEY! (Hi Stanley)

A few things I want to sort out before we get started.....

1. If you are a fast reader, never, EVER, NEVER NOT IN A MILLION YEARS should you buy a book the day it comes out. Especially if you are a fast reader, like moi. Because, four hours later, when you've finished it, and you want to know what happens next, you will realize that it is going to be another year before the next book comes out.

I know this to be a fact, cuz guys, I read Son of Neptune  by Rick Riordan, and that's exactly what happened to me.

2. I am super duper awesome (for those of you who didn't know)

Now to get started on what really matters! Goldfish crackers!  Crafting!

You may have noticed that I have not blogged about knitting recently. That is because I have not been knitting recently. I know! Shame on me! But, I kind of really love sewing, so I sat aside my knitting and started a top secret project that will require Stanley and I to work together as a ninja team and may or may not involve top secret missile codes, high-tech gadgetry, code names and juice boxes.

I'm sorry, I can't tell you anything, it's top secret.

No use asking, I have an iron will.

Don't beg, it's unbecoming.

Okay, fine, I'll tell you!

I'm making a blanket! With quilt-y squares and fleece and actual love from my heart! It's going to be so warm and snuggle-y and great in every way! It's the kind of blanket every person in the world deserves to own. Except puppy kickers, they don't deserve warm, snuggle-y, love filled blankets sewn with care, they just deserve a fruit-cake to the FACE. 

But why, you may ask, is this relevant to me? Because, silly, I said so. And, if anyone is interested, I may sell my work, to help pay for a rather expensive field trip to Harvard. Yeah, Harvard.

You see, at school, I do Forensics, which is fun. And sometimes we have overnight trips, like the one in November to Asheville, where we will ride in a fancy bus, and stay in a hotel and go to the mall several times to eat, buy things and be our happy, weird, stupid teenager selves. Some of these overnight trips are expensive.

Like the Harvard Invitational in February, that will cost me $500 just to go. Not to mention food and souvenirs! I can't not have souvenirs.

That is when Sam had a wonderful idea. It went something like this.

Me: I wanna go to Harvard soooo bad!
Sam: You have a blog right?
Me: Yeah
Same: And you make things on that blog right?
Me: Yeah
Sam: So why don't you sell the stuff you make on your blog?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should always befriend a genius. So here we go, I'll post pictures of my project as I work on it some more (right now, it mostly consists of squares and several pins) 

* I am currently working on a red one, which I will post pictures of in my next update.
* However, if I decide to sell them (which I might, because, A. I need the cash and B. they are looking mighty  spiffy and C. if you use spiffy correctly in a comment on my blog that has this ~ in the title, I may be willing to give you a dollar or two of your purchase.) then they will be available in all the basic colors of the rainbow as well as a few other designs.
* Over the next few weeks, please vote in my poll at the top of my page, because feedback is important, and with feedback, I can see where my readers (all six of you) stand and what you want to see happen!
* If they do go up for sale, they will be available to you in two sizes. 60 inch by 40 inch or, a little bigger, with 60 inch by 60 inch

Stanley and I really should get back to work, those encrypted codes don't break themselves.

Mischief Managed 


  1. i cant wait to see the process!!

    how is it you can remember my ideas but i cant? lol

    and tell stanly i said hi!!!

  2. I was never a good series book reader... If I have any interest in them I know to wait until they are ALL out before picking up the first one.

  3. I saw Doctor Who on sparknotes and I was hooked. Actually a blog worth reading. Check mine out pleasseee??