Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Life and Woes of Jeff

Just felt like blogging a little early this week :)

So, besides learning to knit, I am also learning to sew! I'm enrolled in an apparel class at my school and as much as I love it, I am not getting along with Jeff.

Jeff is my sewing machine.

Yesterday I got to use a really awesome sewing machine and we are great friends and life was fabulous. Today, not so much. Because Jeff is a dummy. I was doing so well, my lines were neat, my stitches were even and I wasn't going too fast or too slow. It was a beautiful thing.

And then Jeff came along.

Jeff goes WAY too fast for me! He shakes and the pedal is too sensitive. It's like a car where you put your pinky toe on the pedal and ZIP, off it goes. My lines are no longer neat. My stitches are no longer even. And WHAT IF I SEVER MY FINGER OFF!

In short, today I had a bit of a disagreement with Jeff the sewing machine. It involved some angry fist shaking on my part and lots of whirring on his. This is so not over Jeff.

In other news, I believe that I really should get my mothers sewing machine out and practice with it. I think I'd call that one Carl. Or Stanley.

Yeah, Stanley.

-Mischief Managed 

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  1. Why do you get to name Mom's sewing machine? Hope you and Jeff's relationship can be much smoother in the future.