Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mustaches and Spencer Reid

Oh yeah, I am a huge Criminal Minds fan. (Although I am behind on this season, so SHUT UP WITH YOUR SPOILERS!)

and, even more importantly, I am a huge Spencer Reid fan. He is adorable! I just...love him. And I need to.....like....hug him....a lot.

And that's what I am doing this evening, watching Criminal Minds (Spencer Reid, eeek <3) and planning my birthday party. Hush, I know it's five and a half months away. But, I mean, I had this idea and it was just the most amazing, wonderful, perfect theme that I could ever have!

Yes, it does involve mustaches.

Yes, I will be blogging the entire process of planning it.

Because this party is almost entirely crafts and home-made awesome. Oh yeah, I went there. Everything from the invitations to the party favors to the thank-you notes will be made by moi. Which is why I need to get started earlier...I have a lot of making to do!

My Color Scheme: Black, White and Gold

Can you guess what my theme is? I'll show you next time!

Mischief Managed

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